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Integrated Discord Server

The Discord Discussion Board

Following Discord's discussion board update, our community adopted it but struggled with unindexed discussions.

We've now synchronized our Regular Forums Site and Discord discussions to resolve this.

That means all posts posted on either platform , gets shown on both


The 'OG' Forum

We established our forums in response to the perceived unfairness towards developers and communities on popular sites like Reddit, where user feedback and engagement seemed neglected.

Our goal was to revive the original intent of many similar forums, focusing on genuine user interaction and community-driven content.

Connecting Two Platforms

Although we were able to connect and sync our web forum and our discord forum. There are more things to get done

Your questions, answered!

Yes, you can find tools and software recommendations specific to content creation and digital marketing on ContentMatch Forums. The "Tools And Software" section is designed for users to share and discuss various resources beneficial for creators and marketers.

On ContentMatch Forums, you can explore and engage in a wide variety of topics, each catering to different aspects of digital content creation and growth. Here are some of the key areas: General Discussion: This section allows you to talk about anything related to content creation, digital growth, or new learnings in the field. Updates: Participate in discussions about the site's organization, functionality, and suggestions for improvements. Discord Forums: Acts as a bridge between the ContentMatch forum and the Discord server, facilitating cross-platform interaction. YouTubers: A dedicated space for YouTube content creators to share videos, get advice, and exchange tips and tricks to enhance video quality and engagement. Tools And Software: Here, users can post and find free tools beneficial for creators, marketers, or anyone in the field. Twitch Streamers: A forum for Twitch streamers to learn new techniques and share their knowledge with others. Social Media Growth: Discuss organic and legal methods for growing your social media presence. Digital Marketing: Dive into topics like SEO strategies, web design trends, SERP optimization, and other aspects of digital marketing.

Our team is actively developing integrations to enhance user experience on ContentMatch Forums. We aim to create a unified platform where users' engagement across various forums is collectively evaluated and ranked. This integration will link accounts from different platforms, providing a seamless and more connected community experience.

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