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Due to major delays, the app & bot has been delayed . We are aiming for a July 5th Bot Launch & mid to late July.

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About Our App

The ContentMatch app is a social media tool used by content creators, communities , and teams to boost engagement. It identifies genuine engagement on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, rewarding active users by showcasing their content higher in our algorithm, leading to increased visibility among ContentMatch users. Additionally, communities and teams can create their own groups on ContentMatch, where they can set specific rules and engagement goals to encourage further growth and interaction within their community.

Find Your Audience


Explore ContentMatch groups to find your audience. Connect with like-minded users to boost visibility and interaction.

Engage & Grow


Utilize ContentMatch's engagement rewards to enhance your content. The more you engage, the faster your growth.

Connect with Creators


Join ContentMatch groups to connect with fellow creators. Foster collaborations and grow your network effectively.


Community & App Members


Average Reach Growth Over 1 Month .

60 Day

Free Premium Membership (New Accounts)

App Features


Our app tracks user engagement—comments, likes, and views on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok—enabling us to group active users together.

  • Interact to boost visibility.
  • Grow community
  • Utilize engagement rewards to enhance content performance.


Our app enables you to discover various content, creators, and groups for engagement, interaction, and growth.

  • Find like-minded users.
  • Connect with potential collaborators.
  • Find New Creative Content

Community Growth

Building a group on our app is a piece of cake, and once you have one, you'll unlock the full potential of community.

  • Set digital engagement goals for your community.
  • Amplify engagement s within your community.
  • Foster community-based goals and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ContentMatch app boosts engagement for creators, communities, and teams by identifying genuine interaction on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Active users gain visibility in the algorithm, leading to increased exposure. Communities and teams can create groups with customized rules and objectives for fostering growth and interaction

To join or create groups on ContentMatch, simply follow the instructions provided within the app.

Our app, ContentMatch, connects you with real users who genuinely engage with your content. Whether you're on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, we help boost your engagement by showcasing your content to active users within our community. By using our platform, content creators, communities, and teams can set specific goals and rules to encourage growth and interaction within their community groups. It's an easy way to increase your visibility and expand your reach.

ContentMatch is indeed free to use. We offer a premium option as well. The free version grants you access to some features, while the premium version accelerates your growth process, making it easier and faster to expand your reach.

No, using ContentMatch will not put your YouTube, Instagram, or other social media accounts at risk of bans or restrictions. ContentMatch does not engage in activities that violate platform guidelines, such as using bots or fake engagements. Our platform simply connects you with genuine users and ensures that they engage authentically with your content.

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