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ContentMatch is the place for aspiring content creators to get discovered. We make it easy for you to share your Youtube, Instagram and Twitch channels all in one app, and connect with other creators who enjoy your content.

What Is ContentMatch ?

Contentmatch is the place where you can share all your content in one app. 

We are a community-based platform where users can critique each other on a variety of different issues.  Our tool allows users to give helpful feedback, which will earn them points and push their content within the Contentmatch platform. 

We’ve created a fair algorithm for creators because we know that the current state of most social media platforms is anti small creators. So the most supportive people get rewarded the most.

Our Members Love Our App!

Marcos Molina
Its great, i got help fast and people are honest in the app, really recommend if you are new to content creating and if ur lost on what to create and what u want to be known for.
Vic Daddy
I got a super helpful audit for my brand. I highly recommend it!
Been using it for my youtube channel for a couple months now. Its a really easy way to increase the amount of views for small channels.
Freeman Bg - TV (Freeman)
Taquan Ryals
Gavin Sullivan
Joshua Speights
Really good for growing creators and a overall supportive communtity
Ruskin Rodriguez
Tanner Monkey
Really good for content creators if your a new content creators I suggest you have content match
heckin amazing!

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We believe that video content is more powerful when there’s a community attached to it. That’s why we created ContentMatch, so anyone who wants to share their passion can do so in an environment that is both supportive and engaging. We’re here for anybody looking for a place where like-minded creators can talk about their work and get feedback from others on the same track.